DJ Cholly uses Serato

Cholly’s technical requirements are:

(1) 2x Pioneer CDJs (CDJ1000 mk2 or higher)
or 2x Technics SL1210 (please advise 48 hours in advance of the event date if vinyl turntables supplied)

(2) DJ mixer with 2 spare line inputs (Pioneer, Allen & Heath or similar)
(3) PA system
(4) 2x booth controlled monitor speakers (directed at each ear of the DJ at the DJ booth)
(5) 2x accessible power points
(6) Rock solid surface for CDJs/turntables, DJ mixer and Serato box with space for a laptop stand where laptop can connect to the mixer and box (see note a)


(a) Cholly will supply Serato box, laptop stand and laptop
(b) Cholly will make himself or a representative available to sound check on the day of the event prior to guest entry unless an alternative arrangement is agreed with you.